Why use Image Scoring

Merchandising your vehicles online is of the utmost importance, as the vast majority of buyers start online. High quality images are one of the most valuable assets in trying to capture a buyer’s attention. Having poor quality images can remove a sales opportunity before you even get a chance! With dealerships having 1000s of images, between the 100s of vehicles they have on a lot, it’s a full time job for someone to review and audit the image quality. Let our Image Scoring AI model do the work for you. These poor images are rated, and can all be flagged and brought to your attention before the images are pushed live online.

Use Cases


Monitor Image Quality

In car dealerships, poorly rated images can be flagged and reviewed before pushing them live so poor quality images don’t affect sales opportunities.



A quick report will show you not only which stock numbers need to be redone, but also which specific photo angle requires updating.


Manage resources tasked with taking photos

Easily identify the quality of work the team is doing when taking photos, and quickly provide feedback for improvement.

How does our Image Scoring AI work?

To achieve a high level of detail, increased enhancement and realism, and the feel of depth in images; image processing algorithms at double4.ai undergo careful fine-tuning. Our trained model spits out individual scores in the range of 1-10(1 lowest and 10 being the highest) for each of the various image quality factors, and its average score is retrieved as the final score.

Save Time

Manually scoring images based on perception quality takes a ton of time. Our AI-powered Image Scoring model allows you to quantify image quality quickly, allowing you to post your vehicle faster! The quicker it’s available for public viewing, the quicker that vehicle can sell.

save time and money using Double4 AI

Powerful Platform, Multiple Integrations.

Our API can be easily integrated into applications that require image scoring models for vehicle images. It is robust under different lighting conditions and it can be easily accessed via our Cloud API.



Use our API on the Cloud to speed up deployment and integrate into your own software stack.
Send us a feed and we will process all the data and send it back to you with the desired outputs.