Why do you need the solution?

With Millions of images being captured of vehicles every day, ensuring every vehicle complies with your brand guidelines can feel like an uphill battle. There are simply too many images to review manually. However, non-compliant images can have a detrimental impact on your user experience and brand, or even worse, result in costly legal issues. Our specialized compliance solution has been designed to automatically detect the most common violations.  Utilizing an automated review of your images ensures dealerships are notified instantly of violations helping to educate and reduce repeat offenses, while ensuring that a consistent enforcement is being applied to every image uploaded to your site.

AI Image Compliance

Using AI-based image analysis, our photo compliance solutions analyze photos to detect problematic issues that violate your manufacturer’s guidelines. Our solutions are designed to instantly surface these issues to your compliance team to enable quick resolution. Don’t have a compliance team? No problem! We also provide the option to automatically withhold the images and not export them out.

How AI Compliance Works

Our AI Compliance Platform automatically scans all the images based on the rules/requirements configured by you. It starts with Auditing and then moves to Resolving the issues automatically. Once that is completed, the system automatically notifies you and provides the associated reporting.

Intelligent Vehicle Marketing

Using our Intelligent Vehicle Marketing (IVM) platform allows you to elevate your inventory’s online merchandising presence to the next level!  IVM allows dealerships to update vehicle image backgrounds, apply smart overlays, integrate billboards, and even upscale your vehicles image resolution. All of these functions require no additional work from the dealership, but absolutely increase consumer engagement.  Not only will a brighter light be shined on your inventory, but your dealership branding will benefit greatly as well.


Ensure the Images are in order:

  1. Problem – Images are received from multiple sources, so it is very difficult to enforce the order that images are captured, and to identify missing images.

  2. Solution – Our AI Platform can automatically analyze each image in a fraction of a second, and re-order them in the desired order. The system an also ensure the Hero Shot is always the first image. Additionally, we send you a detailed report of missing images.

How do I ensure Image Quality:

  1. Problem – Images are captured using multiple devices, people, locations, and lighting conditions, so it is very difficult to enforce the images to look consistent.

  2. Solution – Our Image Scoring AI Model will automatically identify and report back to users,  which helps them to fix the problem, and adjust their environment as needed.

How do I ensure Image Resolution:

Our AI Platform offers a suite of tools which can be used to ensure the Image Resolution is consistent. We can use Smart Cropping to ensure the content is never lost, and utilize Upscaling to ensure the quality and resolution are not sacrificed.

How do I ensure the background looks good?

Our AI Platform comes up with a suite of tools which can be used to ensure the Image backgrounds are consistent. Using our QC model, we can identify poor backgrounds, and replace backgrounds as needed. For the sake of consistency,  we can also replace backgrounds for all images.

How do I ensure Overlays do not cover my images:

Using our AI Compliance model, we can identify if a Banner/Overlays are covering the image, and reject the image. Alternatively, you can use our Smart Overlay System which ensures the images are not covered. Our AI Platform provides a suite of tools which can be used to ensure the Image Overlays are consistent.

How do I eliminate duplicate Images

Quickly and easily monitor all your images for exact and near duplicates using our AI Platform. Our solution is able to understand how visually similar two images are to one another. This method is much more robust than the basic hashing approach.

How do I ensure the images meet my standards:

Our Compliance Model is entirely configurable and customizable based on your rules/guidelines/requirements. This ensures the model is working for you, and meets your needs.

How do I review/configure the standards:

Our web based secured administration tool enables you to manage/configure/review everything you need to do in a single place. It is extremely simple and very user friendly.

What Customizations Can We Perform?

We can customize the entire workflow based on your requirements and ensure we’re only flagging the items that you want identified. We can identify, report and perform the necessary transformation as specified by your team. We can customize our models to only detect certain items, in certain locations and sizes. We can also build you a custom model that only detects the items you care about.

Use Cases

Image Compliance can be used by a variety of users to control the image quality, when you don’t have control of the image sources. This becomes even more important when there are OEM compliancy requirements.

Why Use Us

The Image Compliance API can accurately and auto flag violation. Our models consistently and significantly outperform comparable solutions in client-led benchmarks and are regularly updated to improve precision.
Using the API is straightforward and easy to integrate into your software stack. We also offer Batch processing. Our APIs can be accessed with a few lines of code, and our on-device models can be accessed using standard mobile libraries.
Scalable solution built with the enterprise in mind, it can handle huge volumes of visual content. Our models are hosted on a Cloud environment, allowing clients to scale volume quickly and receive results to API calls in <2s or faster.
The pre-trained model can already recognize all the common issues and it can be trained to learn and recognize any custom issues. With our data labeling capacity, we can quickly build custom models and add capabilities to spot new issues to existing models.

Powerful Platform, Multiple Integrations.



Use our Image Compliance API on the Cloud to speed up deployment and integrate into your own software stack.
Send us a feed and we will process all the data and send it back to you with all the metadata.