object detection and feature identification on vehicle

What is Object Detection / Feature Extraction

Object detection is a computer vision technique that uses AI & Deep Learning to automatically identify and locate objects within an image. Object Detection, Feature Identification and Feature Extraction are used interchangeably.

Why do you need it

Our AI can easily identify all the features present on a vehicle, which means more accurate vehicle valuation, leading to better merchandising and enhanced personalization opportunities.
feature identification on interior of vehicle
AI process going from unknown features to image processing, through the AI models, and then finally identifying the vehicle features

How does it work

We scan every image pixel by pixel and identify every feature available on the image. For every feature we identify we deliver the coordinates to draw the necessary bounding boxes, which helps you to identify the exact location of the feature in any given image. The input is an image and the output is a series of features and their corresponding coordinates.

Why Use Us

The API can accurately remove/replace the background. Our models consistently and significantly outperform comparable solutions in client-led benchmarks and are regularly updated to improve precision.
Scalable solution built with the enterprise in mind, it can handle huge volumes of visual content. Our models are hosted on a Cloud environment, allowing clients to scale volume quickly and receive results via API calls in a few seconds.
The pre-trained model can already remove backgrounds from various environments. it can be trained to remove backgrounds for any specific use case.. With our data labeling capacity, we can quickly build custom models / deploy and maintain them for you.
Using the API is straightforward and easy to integrate into your software stack. We also offer Batch processing. Our APIs can be accessed with a few lines of code using standard libraries.

Powerful Platform, Multiple Integrations.

Our Object Detection module can be easily integrated into applications that require accurate feature/object identification in a given vehicle image. It is robust under different lighting conditions and it can be easily accessed via our Cloud API.



Use our Object Detection API on the Cloud to speed up deployment and integrate into your own software stack.
Send us a feed and we will process all the data and send it back to you with all the metadata.

Use Cases

Image Enhancement can be used by a variety of users to control the image quality when you don’t have control of the image sources. This becomes even more important when there are Manufacturer compliancy.