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We are continuously developing services and products to help the automotive industry to benefit from cutting edge Deep Learning AI. Our services and products are easy to use and straightforward to integrate into your software stack, and enable others to create new products.

Damage Detection

Utilize our Damage Detection AI model to automatically identify damage to your vehicles. Save time when purchasing used vehicles, or when marketing the vehicles you have for sale, by identifying areas of concern. Not only can it help the dealership document any damage, but it can also build trust with your potential customers. A buyer doesn’t want to drive all the way to the dealership, only to see a big scratch, or massive door ding in the vehicle of their dreams. This builds transparency, and better sets the buyers expectations.

Quality Control Model

With so many vehicle buyers starting their vehicle search online, the last thing you want are low quality images of your vehicles. By incorporating our AI Image Scoring Model, and outside variables of your choosing, we can stop any poor quality images from ever seeing the light of day! Let us know the variables that are important to you, and we’ll adjust our model accordingly to notify you when vehicle images don’t meet the quality standards that you’ve set. Instead of spending hours sifting through the website for these poor images, our AI automation will quickly focus your attention on those images in need of help.