AI identifying the classification of an image

What is Image Classification?

Image Classification is the process of identifying what an image represents automatically by using AI and Machine Learning. In its most simple form, it’s the identification of what is in an image. For the sake of the automotive industry, an example would be; is this the passenger side view of the vehicle, the driver front quarter panel, or the rear of a vehicle.

How Does Our AI Work?

Using a combination of Image Processing and Machine Learning, Double4AI technology enables automatic assignment of images to relevant categories/classification. The image recognition engine is constantly trained with thousands of images, from hundreds of classifications, to constantly identify new classifications automatically.

So in short, our AI platform identifies certain areas of the image, which then tells us what the image is. This automation saves time and money for companies working with large quantities of automotive images. No more requirements of dealerships taking images in a certain order, or manually having to reorder images after the fact.

process of which AI works and goes from an image, to image processing, through the Double4 AI models, to vehicle classfiication

Why Use Us

The API can accurately distinguish and assign images to categories. Our models consistently and significantly outperform comparable solutions in client-led benchmarks and are regularly updated to improve precision.
Using the API is straightforward and easy to integrate into your software stack. We also offer Batch processing. Our APIs can be accessed with a few lines of code, and our on-device models can be accessed using standard mobile libraries.
Scalable solution built with the enterprise in mind, it can handle huge volumes of visual content. Our models are hosted on a Cloud environment, allowing clients to scale volume quickly and receive results to API calls in <2s or faster.
The pre-trained model can already recognize all the popular categories and it can be trained to learn and recognize any custom categories. With our data labeling capacity, we can quickly build custom models and add new classes to existing models.

Powerful Platform, Multiple Integrations.



Use our Image Recognition API on the Cloud to speed up deployment and integrate into your own software stack.
Send us a feed and we will process all the data and send it back to you with all the metadata.
We have specialized Mobile Models to provide on device image classification.

What Customizations Can We Perform?

In combination with Custom Training, the Categorization API provides instant image organization with very high precision thanks to the tailored-made, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that takes into account the auto industry specific and business requirements.

Classification can assist you in many ways, some of which are included below:

  • Identify / Classify Images
  • Sequencing
  • Reporting of Missing Images
  • Adding Image Overlays based on the Classification

Use Cases

Image Enhancement can be used by a variety of users to control the image quality when you don’t have control of the image sources. This becomes even more important when there are Manufacturer compliancy.


Inventory Listing Portal websites


Inventory Management System

Use upscaling when the user uploads an image



Email Marketing / CRM / ADs


Website Providers

Car Dealership Websites